Meet Chhaya

Hello, Welcome to my world. 

I am a writer, a teacher, a reader, a thinker, a wordsmith who enjoys connecting words and weaving tales. I have written pretty much as long as I can remember. When I was young it was silly poems, as I grew older it was short stories. In the mid 90’s I wrote for several periodicals, local newspapers and monthly magazines. Today I am a writer of Paranormal Erotic Romance.

A Spiritual Intuitive, I have spent my life  aware of the world beyond our sight. My first Spiritual encounter was with an Angel at 14, from that moment on life has never been the same.   I draw on my life experiences to blend a fantasy world of romance and intrigue.

I’ve been an avid reader my entire life and I read many genres. My bookshelf is like a puzzle of experiences from authors known and unknown. I run on copious amounts of caffeine, I snort when I laugh. I speak my mind. I cry over the small, the big, and the nothing at all. My life could best be described as “eclectic.”

As I have grown older I seem to have lost the ‘filters’ on my thoughts and comments, stepping into the realization that it’s okay to be me and say what I think. After all, it’s just my opinion and we all have one. So with that thought and no malice intended, I speak my mind openly at times much to the dismay of my children.

I look forward to sharing with others in this journey we call life! Let us all live our authentic life, be true to your soul self.